Come ready to flow, sweat and brighten your spirit with Maureen. You’ll instantly be drawn in by her radiant smile, but it’s her grounding presence, playful energy and healing hands-on assists that will keep you coming back for more.

Maureen believes that we can shift our energy and transform our lives simply by moving our bodies and deepening our breath. Her own exploration of yoga began 15 years ago after one of several extended trips to India. Maureen finds inspiration in the natural world around her and is an avid adventure traveler, trail runner, hot spring lover, and mama to two growing boys. She equally enjoys far and exotic escapades to high mountains and vast deserts, as well as the subtle inner exploration that yoga facilitates. Her mindful flow practice draws significantly from the Hatha and Forrest yoga traditions. She has much gratitude for the guidance and support of her primary teachers, Pete Guinosso and David Moreno. Maureen comes to teaching yoga after years working as an activist and community organizer, and dedicates her yoga path to creating vibrant communities and leaving our planet a healthier place.

Christine Ho