Alyssa DeCaro is a yoga teacher, group facilitator, dancer, and musician dedicated to helping others tune in to their “essential instrument” through movement, breath, rhythm, and ensemble connection. As a yoga teacher, Alyssa is known for her fluid sequencing, precise verbal cues, and heartfelt presence. She has been teaching classes and retreats for 17 years, and brings a wealth of

knowledge from her diverse movement background. When leading groups, Alyssa has a natural ability to shape the collective field, transforming an ordinary room into an inspiring space where practice and play intertwine.

Movement has always been Alyssa’s primary language as she grew up as an athlete and dancer, and also studied gymnastics and martial arts. In college, multiple serious knee injuries derailed her goals of dancing professionally and left her doubting that she would ever dance again. From those depths, Alyssa discovered her body as her wisest teacher, and began to study yoga along with movement-based somatic therapy with Anna Halprin and the Tamalpa Institute. Yoga became a daily practice and played a key role in Alyssa’s rehabilitation. She completed Ana Forrest’s YTT and has studied with a variety of master teachers. Alyssa believes that yoga chose her, and ever since that moment it has been a wonderful path full of challenge, discipline, and discovery – one that deepens each time she steps on the mat. Alyssa often incorporates sound as an essential element in yoga and she continues to explore the confluence of these ancient practices.

Christine Ho