One of the most frequently asked questions by her students is “So, you are a scientist, a yoga teacher, and a mom of two young kids- How in the world do you do it, and still look so calm and happy??” Ai answers this question through her teaching and by being a role model to her students. Now with over a decade of teaching experience, and close to two decades as a yoga practitioner, she devotes her life empowering women and busy people to find vision and purpose so that they can live their lives to the fullest potential. In class, Ai offers a space for student to move through their limitations, both physical and mental, that have become habitual and even confining. Her powerful alignment-based vinyasa classes challenge the boundaries of the students, but are safe and empowering as they learn healthy alignment of body, mind, and heart. Her carefully-sequenced classes are infused with householder-friendly philosophical teaching, allowing students to go deep physically and mentally. She also offers cleanse workshop regularly, helping students let go of old habitual patterns and find one that is more life-enhancing and sustainable. Students often quote Ai being “fully present and connected both to herself and everyone in the room in a very personal and supportive way” and that her teaching style is “calm, focused, exquisitely clear and precise about her language, while making the practice so much fun!”

Ai has over 800 hours of teacher training in Ashtanga, Forrest, and Anusara. She teaches retreats and workshops regularly with her partner, Mark Silva. When Ai is not on a yoga mat, she enjoys cooking, gardening, or being in the nature with her family. Ai also devotes herself as an epidemiologist (PhD from Columbia University), bringing the benefit of meditation and mindfulness for cancer patients and their families.

Christine Ho