Our space is a HOME for Yogis to self-reflect, strengthen and grow a deep appreciation for self and others. We aim to be a positive member of our community, encouraging teachers to dig in, do good, and follow their passion to make an impact on their students. We welcome you to energize your life and soak up the good energy of The Green Yogi. After you move, breathe, and salute the sun in our beautiful light-filled studio, we invite you to relax with us, drink comforting tea, and connect with your community…


Power Yoga is a transformational practice that links breath to movement, building strength, flexibility and balance in body and mind. It is different than other forms of yoga in that it is high-energy, music-filled vinyasa flow classes. While it maintains the central principles of ancient yoga, power yoga goes well beyond the static, traditional postures of yoga. The Green Yogi offers a full schedule of high-energy, music-filled power yoga classes taught by some of the top instructors in the East Bay.


- being eco to care for the earth

- the sun should be saluted

- kindness is key to a brighter life

- a studio should be a sanctuary

- of all the things you can't live without, breath is the first

- yoga has always been green, we just made it official

- everything is a little better when set to the right playlist

- exercise doesn't have to be sweat-free to be stress-free

- time on your Mat is your time for self-care.