Seasonal Savvy: Ayurveda for Fall
3:00 PM15:00

Seasonal Savvy: Ayurveda for Fall

Nature thrives in her cyclical routines. When we begin to align with these rhythms, we become more vibrant, powerful, and radiant. We experience a deeper connection to nature and to the ebb and flow of all of life. The pulse of nature continually shows us our relationship to change and changelessness.

Fall is a time of movement and transition. In Ayurveda (the back-to-basics, natural, yogic approach to wellness), Fall is considered the vata season. As the air gets cooler and drier and the leaves begin to fall, we may experience internal shifts like stiffness, cracking joints, fear, insomnia, dry skin, and seasonal sadness. How you care for yourself this season determines how healthy your body (and mind) will be all winter! Luckily, Ayurveda provides many seasonal shifts we can make in our diet, yoga practice, and lifestyle to help balance the vata in our systems and keep us thriving all Autumn long!

In this workshop, you will experience a combination of lecture, discussion asana and applied practices.

Topics Include:

  • Daily Rhythm lifestyle routine for Fall

  • Yoga poses to support the season

  • Pranayama (breathing) practice to reduce vata

  • Special Handout with Fall recipes to feed your inner temple,

  • Essential oils for Fall, Herbal supplement suggestions for Fall,

  • Yummy nighttime drink to nourish your body and sleep like a baby

Please bring a yoga mat, a pen + journal and wear comfortable clothing for a yoga practice.

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Greta is known for her vibrant and inspirational teaching style that seamlessly blends deep yogic tradition with modern day wisdom, cutting edge biomechanics, humor, and creativity. She has mentored with some of the top names in yoga and Ayurveda since she began practicing in 1996. She is the co-director of Rasa Yoga and leads Rasa Yoga Teacher Trainings, retreats, online yoga lifestyle courses and she has served as a consultant for a variety of wellness magazines including Yoga Journal. Greta is the founder of The Radiant Lady, an online holistic coaching program that leads women to more inner and outer body health. Her teaching is a bhakti fusion of form and flow and she is wildly devoted to helping students reclaim their beauty, awaken deep purpose, cultivate vibrant health through yoga and Ayurvedic lifestyle. Learn more

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 ROLL, RELEASE + RELAX with Maureen Cane
3:00 PM15:00

ROLL, RELEASE + RELAX with Maureen Cane

Feeling tightness or stress in your body?

In this workshop we will use therapy ball self-massage techniques to release tension in the your neck, shoulders, back and hips. We'll have fun lodging the therapy balls under targeted body parts and rolling around on them to illicit a response. In addition to releasing tight muscles, our rolling work will also stimulate nerve endings, encourage supple and healthy tissues, and generally downgrade our often overactive nervous systems. This workshop is appropriate for all bodies - whether you have accumulated tightness in your body from a high workload, sports training or thereality of desk sitting. Come roll away your stress, renew your nervous system and leave feeling relaxed!

Price: $40 | $55 (with your own set of therapy balls to take home) 

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